One year college + skills to succeed + employability


Coming from someone with two majors and a master´s degree, I have to say, I found this to be an amazing opportunity for youth today; This is a one-year major program, with no initials cost. You only pay 15% of your salary once you start working at a job that pays at least $50k a year. I found out about it listening to one of my favorite podcasts «The School of Greatness» by  Lewis House. He interviewed Adam Braun from Pencil´s of Promise, who is now also the founder of Mission U.

The first major Mission U offers is Data Analytics + Business Intelligence, it covers the process of collecting, analyzing, and telling stories with data to help businesses see farther into the past so they can make better decisions in the future. I think the title might not be attractive enough for youth who don’t have a lot of experience but from what I have read and seen out there, this is an extremely useful skill.

I was talking to my friend´s sister the other day, she is 21 and had to leave college after a family tragedy. She is working at a restaurant at the moment, saving up some money and trying to figure out what her next move will be. She told me and my 33 year old friends or so, that she didn´t want to study a 4 year program if she didn´t know exactly the type of job she wanted and the skills she needed to do it. She has observed that many colleges don´t prepare you with the skills necessary to make it in the world. She is right about this, everyone needs practice not just theory and for those not quite sure about what to study this program is an extremely useful option.

One can never really be fully prepared for absolutely everything one might encounter in life. It isn´t possible to have all the skills and it´s important to know that when we get to work at a company, nonprofit, governmental organization, etc, we work in teams. We have to understand that one person is never an expert at everything. It is possible however, to make sure we develop skills that are useful in the work market. According to the World´s Economic Forum 2016 report “the future of jobs”, the two job types that stand out to be critically important by the year 2020 are: data analysts and specialized sales representatives. It´s possible to read my insights in an early post of mine

I strongly recommend if you are interested in this college model to listen to Lewis Howes´interview: INVEST IN YOURSELF TO CREATE YOUR FUTURE.